Italian Cooking Necessity

admin, February 1, 2017

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Capicollo is a spicy ham-like seasoned cured meat made from pork neck. It is usually served thinly sliced as part of an antipasto tray.


Prosciutto is salted, air-cured ham. It is not smoked. It is widely used in Italian cooking and is often served as an appetizer with ripe figs or cantaloupe. Prosciutto is also added to pasta dishes as a flavorful garnish. Add it at the time of serving as it toughens when overcooked.

Italian rice (Riso) is short, high starch and thick grained. It is the perfect rice for the unique preparation of a delicious risotto. Years ago it was difficult to find Italian rice in most of North America. Today the best and most widely exported grain from Italy is Arborio. The high starch content contributes to the smooth texture of the perfect risotto.

Good broth is not only nourishing, but also an important element in Italian cooking. It is also vital to risotto and to innumerable soups. You will find a recipe for Chicken Broth in
To prepare the perfect sauce, you need good quality tomatoes. The best tomatoes are grown in the southern regions of Italy.

Wine good enough for cooking should also be good enough to drink. Every ingredient you put into a dish affects its quality — wine is no exception. Using a little bit of good wine will improve the quality of your dish and your mood, as you will probably be sipping a little bit as you cook.

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